How I Edit My Photos with Dreamy Presets

Hi friends! One of the questions I get asked most frequently on Instagram as how I edit my photos, so today I wanted to share my little trick with you! Super easy and makes ALL the difference.

First off, you will need to download the Lightroom mobile app. It’s free to download and access (you do have to pay for the desktop version), and is super easy once you get the hang of it. Once you’re in Lightroom, you can either edit your photos manually (which is totally doable and quite easy once you figure out how to work all of the adjustments, just takes some time) OR you can add a preset and call it a day. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have an hour a day to edit one photo and make it look perfect, and I like for my photos to all have a cohesive look. Makes for a prettier Instagram feed, too :).

Use code BLAKELEY10 to save $10 at Dreamy Presets. Expires 2/6/20.

If you’re not familiar with presets, they’re basically a photo “filter” for Lightroom, where all of the photo adjustments and settings have been saved and all you have to do is copy them onto your own photo. You can tweak colors and lighting here and there to make it your own, but trust me, it saves SO much time and is incredibly easy (and beautiful!). I’ve tried several presets, but when I discovered Dreamy Presets last year my Instagram and photo game was forever changed.

Dreamy Presets just dropped a new preset collection this week, the Everyday Luxe presets, and I’m OBSESSED. This collection comes with five presets and they’re all beautiful. I never want to change the color of my clothes or products I’m sharing with y’all through photos, but I do want to brighten and enhance them which is exactly what this preset does. Take a look below for before and after photos using the edits.

Don’t you just LOVE IT?! It’s perfection. If you want to try it for yourself, snag it NOW while it’s $82 off(!!!) during their 24-hour launch sale. The deal ends TONIGHT at midnight Pacific Time, so don’t waste any time.

Good news, though! If you miss it tonight or find a different collection you want to try, you can use code BLAKELEY10 for $10 off any other collection (through 2/6/20). That code is only valid for 48 hours, so take advantage while ya can! I’ve edited the same photo below with all of the Dreamy Presets I have to show you how they look. (Note: No other edits or adjustments have been made to these photos.)

Let me know which is your favorite preset, or if you have any questions! Happy to do a tutorial on how I edit my photos in light room using the presets as well if it’s something you’d like to see. Just comment below or shoot me a DM!

Thank you Dreamy Presets for gifting me your new collection. I’m in LOVE!


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