Kid-Friendly Outdoor Activities | Surviving COVID-19 at Home

School’s out … sports are cancelled … parks and pools are closed … can’t hang with friends … and we’re all working from home. Excuse my language but what the EFFFFFFFF are we supposed to do with our kids all day every day for who knows how long?!

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE hanging with my daughter. I’m also super excited to get to spend some quality time with her. But if you’ve ever raised a toddler you know how exhausting they can be, especially when you still have a full-time job to do while home with them. It’s exhausting and quite impossible, honestly. Not to mention I feel so bad for her because she just wants to play and learn and have fun and burn energy, and doesn’t understand our side of things and what all we [adults] are dealing with.

So dangit I’m doing everything in my power to do what I can to help us all survive this (mentally and physically), and prepping for activities and entertainment in the event that we are stuck at home for a few more weeks (because I have a feeling that’s what’s coming). We just ordered a few outdoor play pieces that I know my 3-year-old is going to love (and we will, too), and thought you might enjoy some of these ideas as well. All are available via Amazon Prime or Target (take advantage of the drive-up feature so you don’t have to get out of your car) and have as little interaction with others. Because, you know, social distancing and all.

Click the images below to shop the product, and comment here or tag me on Facebook/Instagram (@blakeleysblondelife) if you order and use one. Let me know if you have fun ideas to pass the time, too!



Good luck, stay safe and healthy, have fun, and be smart. LOVE YOU ALL!!


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