Celebrating Our Pups with The Pack on Amazon Prime Video

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Meet my first baby, Lexie (a.k.a. Lexie Lu the Yorki Poo)! She’s been my little sidekick for 13 years, before my daughter was born and before I even met my husband. She’s been with me through college, breakups, moving to a different state, getting married, having a baby, and now (four years later) having another :). Safe to say she’s a very important part of our family and I couldn’t imagine life without her. (Why am I getting emotional right now?) She’s the best little pup anyone could ask for!

Which is why I am SO excited to share this post with you, celebrating HER and all of our four-legged friends out there! If you have a dog of your own who you consider family, keep on reading because you’ll certainly want to hear about a show premiering this weekend.

Amazon Prime Video is celebrating the love between dogs and their human companion in a new global unscripted series, The Pack, which airs Friday, November 20th. The series is hosted by Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn and her canine co-host Lucy, and features twelve teams of
dogs and their humans on an epic adventure across multiple continents. At stake is a life-changing $750,000 for the winning duo and their charity, ($500,000 to the winners plus an additional $250,000 prize
amount for the animal charity of their choice).

Additionally, The Pack donated $250,000 during filming to multiple charities and animal rescue organizations in each country, helping to pay it forward to dogs and those who love them around the world. To win the monetary prize for themselves and their charity, the teams will have to depend on their understanding of one another’s strengths and weaknesses and prove to have the strongest bond in the pack. In each locale, the human and dog duos will face fun and exciting challenges, designed in concert with a team of accredited veterinarians and certified dog experts that also accompany the group on their exciting journey, making sure it is a positive experience for everyone. HOW FUN!!! I can’t wait to watch with the family.

Be sure to tune into The Pack and see who wins, and check out all the fun stuff happening this weekend during the Packed Weekend, where YOU have opportunities to take advantage of deals and experiences for you and your pup to enjoy together.

It’s been a rainy week and we were really hoping to get outside and play with these awesome goodies The Pack hooked us up with, but made the most of it inside by the Christmas tree. Can’t deprive a dog of fun just because it’s yucky outside! Plus, Lexie hates getting wet, that little priss-pot, so I’m sure she appreciates it. She may not be as skilled and adventurous as some of the dogs in The Pack, but she’s exactly what our family needs and I have always wanted and I wouldn’t change a thing. We love you, Lex!

Be sure to watch The Pack on Amazon Prime Video on November 20th!


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