This Year’s Matching Family Christmas Pajamas

Happy December! I feel like the entire year crawled by a snail’s pace, yet November was the quickest month of my life! Anyone else? Super excited for December, Christmastime and the season, but I need it to slow down so we can enjoy it more!

One of the ways I love to enjoy the season is to continue traditions, and one of my favorites is matching family Christmas pajamas! My family has been doing this since we were little girls, and it’s so fun to continue that tradition with my own little family. We went for a humorous twist on this year’s jammies, and I think they pretty much sum up all of our thoughts on 2020. Wouldn’t you agree?

Iffei has so many cute holiday pajamas for the entire family, and super affordable prices. Check out their site HERE and you can order straight from Amazon.

Shop our “What the Elf?” pajamas here:

Here are a few more of my favorites:

Shop our pajamas from last year HERE:

Thank you Iffei for gifting us these adorable pajamas! They’ll be a part of our holiday wardrobe for years to come.


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