New Year New Mom: Newborn + New Mom Must-Haves

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Happy new year, happy February, and happy we had a baby! I’ve been so caught up in newborn life, sleepless nights and non-stop nursing that I haven’t even had a chance to come on here and share the news with y’all. Baby girl, Poppy, is here! More on her birth and our first month as a family of four to come, but today I want to share three seriously amazing newborn products with you that I would 10/10 recommend to any new mom. So if you’re a new mom, expecting, or know someone who is – this is for you. Ready? Let’s do this!

Boppy 4 and More Multi-Use Cover

Let me state the facts: everything Boppy makes is magical. I mean that! So when I received their new Multi-Use Cover, I had high expectations and it certainly exceeded them. This do-it-all cover is something every new mom could use, and because it’s so versatile it helps eliminate additional products. It can serve as a car seat cover, nursing scarf, shopping cart cover, high chair cover and baby carrier cover, and is dual-sided for options on the go. It’s designed with a lightweight fabric with UPF 50+ protection on one side for privacy and a cooling mesh fabric on the other (hello, necessity in this Florida sun and heat!). It also folds into a Stash n’ Go Pouch for storage, which makes it easy to throw in your diaper bag or under the stroller.

Shop the Boppy 4 and More Multi-Use Cover here. Available in 6 colors.

Philips Avent Natural Bottle with Natural Response Nipple

So, super fun newborn reality for us right now: Poppy is a lazy latcher and hasn’t been getting enough milk during nursing sessions, preventing her from gaining weight. After meeting with a lactation consultant and getting some help, I am currently on a “Triple Duty” schedule for a week, which entails nursing for 20 minutes, pumping for 10 minutes and bottle feeding 1-2 oz. expressed breast milk to help with latching, milk supply and weight gain. So you can understand why finding the right bottle to use that doesn’t cause nipple preference and mimics the same flow as the breast is important to me!

The new Philips Avent Natural Bottle with Natural Response Nipple is Philips Avent’s latest innovation in bottle feeding that allows babies to drink, swallow and breathe using their natural rhythm, just like they do on the breast. It only releases milk when baby is actively drinking, and helps make it easy to switch between breast and bottle. It’s been working well for us and we plan to continue using them!

Shop Philips Avent Natural Bottle with Natural Response Nipple here.

Baby Magic Calming Bath and Lotion

I’ve shared Baby Magic products before – we LOVE them in this house! We’ve never had any issues with reactions, and every product leaves the skin feeling and smelling amazing. That’s no exception with with the Baby Magic Claming Bath and Lotion. The Calming Bath and Lotion both contain lavender, which helps calm the senses, chamomile, which helps neutralize environmental aggressors while naturally calming the senses, and aloe which helps skin feel hydrated to help replenish skin’s moisture barrier. Our bedtime routine: bath, lotion, fresh diaper and jammies, snuggles and bed. I don’t know about you, but a sleepy baby at bed time is the best!

Shop Calming Bath here.

Shop Calming Lotion here.

Gotta love functional and affordable products that you’ll actually use! Share these with your new mom friends and tell them they can thank me later 🙂



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