Spring Pick-Me-Ups You Didn’t Know You Were Missing

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Spring is here! Time for cleaning, busy schedules, gearing up for summer, and some much-needed self-care. I was doing a workout this morning and the coach said “Ladies, self-care is not selfish,” and I was like WOAH! I love that. Sometimes we need to be reminded to take the time for ourselves so we can be the best version of ourselves. It can be hard to remember and even harder to find the time between juggling work, kids, spouses and our personal lives, but it is so important.

With that in mind, I’m sharing with you today three products I’ve recently been introduced to that I no longer want to be without! Now is the perfect time to implement them into your routine, so let’s get to it, gals :).

Pick-Me-Up 1: Wonder Melon Juice

Oh my goodnesssss this is what tasty dreams are made of! I love a good fresh-pressed juice, and these Wonder Melon juices are perfect for the sunny days and warm weather ahead. Think sticking a straw inside a watermelon and adding cucumber and basil (hello, Wonder Melon Cucumber Basil) or lemon and cayenne pepper for a slightly tangy twist with a kick (hello, Wonder Melon Lemon Cayenne).

Wonder Melon juices ate 100% organic cold pressed juice made with all natural ingredients, no preservatives or additives, no artificial colors or flavors. They also contain a bounty of nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, and are excellent for hydration (which is a major win for my right now, since I’m breastfeeding). Easy Daisy loves them!

Shop Wonder Melon HERE.

Pick-Me-Up 2: Daily Gem Vitamins

First of all, if the name of these, Daily GEM, doesn’t intrigue you we can’t be friends. Say goodbye to artificial supplements from the vitamin aisle that aren’t doing you any good, and hello to a tasty, bite-sized gem that is packed with nothing but good-for-you ingredients that actually do your body good and help support body and mind health. Daily Essentials are available in two options: peppermint, lemon and cacao which aids in energy, balance, and clarity with B-vitamins, supergreens, and adaptogens; or ginger and citrus, which aids in digestion, mood, and immunity with probiotics, D3, zinc, and turmeric. They also offer a Daily Sleep Essential in Cherry Chocolate, which, shocker, helps you sleep!

I received the ginger and citrus Daily Essentials and have been enjoying them for about a week now. I personally love just about anything with ginger, cardamom or turmeric, so the flavor alone (which consists of all three) made me excited. At first bite, the flavor was good but the texture threw me off a bit. But the more I take them the more I enjoy them! I’m just a weird texture person and these are a bit chewy, but the seeds add a little crunch and firmness which helps, in my opinion. They also come with a cute tin for storage, and a small on-the-go tin for your purse or car. I forgot how much better I feel just overall when I take a quality daily vitamin. Looking forward to continuing to making these a part of my daily routine and feeling the benefits!

GEM is hooking y’all up with 50% off your first purchase of GEM Daily Essentials when you use code TRYGEM22. Order yours HERE.

Pick-Me-Up 3: Tree Hut Hydrating Sugar Face Scrub

A face scrub that smells so delicious you want to eat it? I’m in. This scrub is made from watermelon (which is a natural humectant that helps prevent moisture loss and provides gentle, yet effective, exfoliation), papaya (which contains natural enzymes like papain to help exfoliate), and Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) (which helps to reveal a fresher-looking, tone and texture).

The formula deep cleans to the pore to remove dulling, dead skin and impurities, and leaves the skin feels balanced and clean upon rinsing. I will say that I have very sensitive skin and the first time I used it I went in with a vengeance and scrubbed my face too hard, which didn’t feel too pleasant. BUT the next morning my skin was absolutely glowing, and soooo smooth and clear. The next time, I used it in the shower and the steam (and a gentler hand) made for a much more gentle and enjoyable experience.

I also love that Tree Hut Hydrating Watermelon & Cactus Face Scrub is paraben-free, vegan, cruelty-free, sulfate-free, alcohol-free and contains no formaldehyde donors. I would absolutely recommend!

Buy Tree Hut scrubs HERE.

Now, go on with yo’ bad self and get to pampering. And let me know if you pick up any of these and what you think! Happy Spring :).


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