Baby Playtime Musts For Learning and Entertainment + 6 Month Check-In

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And just like that, our little Poppy girl is six months old! You know how they say “don’t blink”? Seriously, you can’t. Because when you open back up, after just that split second, a whole month has gone by and your tiny little newborn is suddenly rolling over, giggling and trying to sit up on her own. These past six months with our little rainbow baby and family of four have been SO much fun and I’m soaking in every minute, but I would appreciate it if time could slow down.

It’s been so fun (and so cute!) watching Poppy grow and learn, and seeing her play and interact with the world, toys and her big sissy! Now that she’s awake more and able to grab and hold onto things, we’ve been loading up on interactive, educational and entertaining toys for her to play with. I forgot how much I love this stage (it’s been 5 years, after all)! It’s so good for these littles to learn to entertain themselves with play, and important to give them toys that help stimulate their brain and help develop fine motor and sensory skills, which is why I am pumped to partner with V-Tech to share these baby favorites with you! If you have a little one now or coming soon, save this post as a reference or go ahead and add these items to your cart for later – I promise you’ll be glad you did. (Also great baby shower gifts, too!)

Everything is linked at the bottom.

The VTech® Kick & Score Playgym™ (suitable from birth+) is a multi-stage, developmental play mat/gym that includes a detachable plush soccer ball, learning panel and five gym play pieces. It’s great for floor play to kick and grab, tummy time (so much more fun than a plain mat), and then it turns into a whole new world once baby can sit and reach. Helps baby achieve motor skill milestones, helps strengthen language skills and provides on-the-go play and exploration with music and songs.

We have a (different) V-Tech kick and play mat (the one Daisy used when she was a baby), but I LOVE that this one is athletic-themed! So cute and unique, plus it gives them more to do than only kick and reach. The plush ball is detachable and other rattle-like toys are fun for on-the-go or to use outside of the Playgym as well. Her big sissy really loves it because plays soccer, and now she can help her baby sis learn to kick the ball, too :). I love watching her teach “her baby” everything she knows, and seeing how excited she gets to show her new things. Turns my mama heart to mush!

V-Tech® makes many other great toys for littles of all ages that help them learn and achieve milestones while having fun. Poppy’s face when she first saw this Turn + Learn Ferris Wheel, y’all. It was pure GOLD! She was so excited. It’s great for on-the-go, and also has a suction cup on the bottom to stick to any flat surface (like a table or high chair) for any-where entertainment.

The Turtle’s Busy Day Soft Book is perfect for bedtime or play, and has interactive sounds plus lots of different textures for baby to explore and discover.

Pair any of the above with these cozy footie jammies from Aden + Anais and a suppeerrrr soft Yoga Sprout blanket and you’re ready for all the snuggles and smiles!

Cute, right? I’m off to play with and snuggle my loves. Give yours a squish for me, too, and let me know if you try any of these or already have them! Talk soon.


VTech® Kick & Score Playgym™ | VTech® Turn + Learn Ferris Wheel | VTech® Turtle’s Busy Day Soft Book | Baby Blanket | Footie Pajamas


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