Spooky Scarecrow Halloween Family Photo Shoot

IT’S SPOOKY SEASON! So excited for all of the Halloween things. Y’all probably know it by now, but it’s my favorite holiday and favorite time of year! One of my favorite new traditions is a spooky photo shoot with the fam, which we adopted last year. It’s so much fun to do makeup on the whole crew and come up with outfits to wear, and Kelsey (our amazing photographer) always finds the best locations.

Last year we did spooky skeletons, and decided to do spooky scarecrows this year! Well, as spooky as we could be … but it’s tough for these two cuties to be super scary. It was Poppy’s first time wearing makeup and she was a champ. It’s so much fun introducing her to all of our favorite things and seeing her experience it all for the first time. She’s such a champ! Anyway, just wanted to share the photos because Kelsey knocked it out of the park, as always. All of our outfits are linked at the end.



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