Hair Tutorial: 6 Quick + Easy Romantic Hairstyles

Hi pretties! I shared this hair tutorial on my Instagram, but wanted to share it here as well. These are six of my go-to hairstyles for a night out or romantic look, and thought they would all be great options for Valentine’s Day! Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to see them broken down…


Easy Chunky Fishtail Braid Hair Tutorial

Hi friends! I just posted a new video to my YouTube channel and didn’t want you to miss it! It’s a quick and easy tutorial on how to create this chunky side fishtail braid. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel while you’re there – lost more videos coming your way. Hope you enjoy!


At-Home Movie Night Tips + Movie Ideas

Y’all, I did the craziest thing on Monday. I saw a movie. At the theater. During the day! Crazy, right?! Having a toddler makes going to the movie theater pretty tough, and I typically dedicate my days off to housework and running errands. This time, though, I decided to take a little time for myself and go see a movie…


Mom + Me Dresses | What We Wore for Daisy’s Birthday!

I have one very important question: how the heck is my baby girl already TWO?! Time really does fly by when you become a parent, that’s for sure. Thank goodness for this blog of mine so I can document everything and come back to reference it any time I want. Whew! So yeah, my little Daisy girl turned two this…


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